Continuing Education 

Both Dr. Tittle and Dr. Jensen firmly believe that continuing education is vital to providing exceptional endodontic care. In addition to furthering their own knowledge of endodontics, Dr. Tittle and Dr. Jensen host seminars for dentists and their staff to share the latest information and techniques about endodontics. These Continuing Education dinners take place in their office and are offered every few months.

Please call our office to learn about the upcoming meeting topic and to reserve your place!

Some of the previous Continuing Education course topics include:

  • Demystifying Root Fractures
  • The Use of Cone Beam CT Diagnosis
  • Minimizing the Heartbreak of Root Fracture
  • Masters Endodontic Symposium
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Updated Standards and Cal/OSHA
  • Medical Emergencies in the Office